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Tatiana Belokonenko 

About Me


Tatiana Belokolenko is a native of Odessa, Ukraine, and a graduate of the South Ukranian National Pedagogical University with a degree in Painting, Art and Instruction. Tatiana’s main interests lie in painting and music.


She has been a pianist for over seven years, and has attributed rhythmic patterns in her art to her strong connection to music.


Upon her university graduation, Tatiana worked as an artist in residence at “Or Same’ach”, a Jewish school in Odessa. Her role included designing and painting art within the school and designing its logo.


In 1999, Tatiana made Aliyah to Israel and has been residing in Haifa since.


Tatiana is an artist and a multi-faceted painter.  She has extensive experience in:

  • Painting art on walls at restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, kindergartens, schools, etc;

  • Creating sets for theater productions, television shows and film sets; and

  • Graphic design of commercials and advertisements


In her art work with children and young adults, Tatiana has used caricatures and her work with numerous caricature figures was used at “Limud” festival, held by a non-affiliated international Jewish organization.


Tatiana primarily works in painting and its instruction to adults and children at the Leobeck School in Haifa and at the Hadar Community Center. Her preferred style is realism, and painting of urban scenery, nature and portraits.


Tatiana’s work has earned her praise in Israel. She has held a solo show and has organized and participated in international group shows. One of her greatest accomplishments is a caricature show she has been organizing for the past five years every April Fool’s Day (April 1st), hosting artists from Haifa’s twin cities globally.


Tatiana is a member of the Israeli Union of Artists and Painters and the Professional Artists Union of Israel, and is a member of the Painters Association in Beit Chagal.


Tatiana is well known in northern Israel for her wall paintings, which she has painted for individuals and public institutes. Her works can be found at the Luna Grand Haifa (over 6,000 squared meters, running 16 meters high, panoramic rooms at the Haifa Zoo and more.


Her caricature works have been featured in Russian, Hebrew and English language newspapers and in international publications during the Second Lebanon War (2006) and during Operation Cast Lead (2009).


Tatiana was awarded Woman of the Year 2006 in the field of Art from Israel Plus, a widely viewed Israeli Television Channel. In 2010, she was awarded the Limud Festival Nobel Prize.


Tatiana can be reached at

Her original artworks as well as prints can be bought at:

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